Through a child's eyes

This is the time of year when some of the chil'rens struggle with asthma. I don't know what it is but the cold weather mixed with all of the other winter ailments like bronchitis and the flu just aggravate the lungs. A few months ago, Xixi got sick with pneumonia and she had to take a ton of meds. She recently got sick again and I couldn't help but notice her breathing was really shallow.

If you've ever experienced a person with asthma struggling for air, it is scary. You will find that you have to remind yourself to breathe too because you are so focused on their wheezy intake of air.

We decided to take her to the ER in the middle of the night. This was a week or so ago and thank God, she is doing much better. Her asthma is still around, but we're hoping to manage it with Qvar.

I recently found these images on my husband's phone. Apparently, my baby girl got a hold her her Daddy's iPhone while they were at the hospital. I was touched by the simple way she documented her illness and time in the hospital.

Daddy took this photo of her taking yet another round of albuterol.

A bright red toe.

Yes, it was pneumonia after all.

A comfy bed, coloring books and a remote to watch all of her favorite shows? She was not complaining.

She gave the nurses the hardest time about this.

Daddy snoozing on the most uncomfortable chair created in mankind.

The ER and her Tinkerbell blanket.

My baby! I hate to see any of the chil'rens sick. It makes me feel so helpless as a mother.


  1. My heart breaks to see a child in the hospital.
    I have a picture, very similar to this one, of when we took Jesenia to the ER because her heart was racing out of her chest for no good reason. Turned out she had a valve that didn't completely close at birth that was causing these scary episodes. We were told it would close with time. She was around 7 when the last one took place. She also had to go through a few treatments for asthma when she was little, and those seem to have cleared too. I pray that our Great Physician helps Xixi and the rest of the kids to bury that nasty monster once and for all.

    Much love to you and your beautiful familia,

  2. Scary. I've been there with Sean more times than I can remember. Including having him rushed from Urgent Care to the ER by ambulance when they couldn't get his oxygen levels up. Kids shouldn't have to go through that, and neither should their mothers!! Nothing worse than that helpless feeling of watching your sick kid just be sick. :(

  3. The '11-'12 winter was fairly mild (as in unseasonably warm), however it certainly didn't seem to hold back on the sickies. In fact it seemed this last cold/flu season was twice as bad as normal. It seemed as if my DS Silas got sick somewhere around turkey day, and carried it straight through to mothers day! He wasn't even a year old, and had bronchitis twice in those few months. It was definitely a frightening experience to say the least. My oldest DS turned 6 in February. He never seemed to catch more than a slight sniffle his first 5years, so carring for a sick baby was new to me. Two rounds of antibiotics and a couple dozen or so breathing treatments later, and Silas was finally back to the happy, healthy baby he normally is. The doctor says that his lungs will be stronger now for it- I sure hope so!!
    I def have a new found respect for parents of children who have breathing difficulties. there's NOTHING more frightening then a baby who cannot breathe, and knowing there's not a damn thing you can do to fix it for them. I believe I myself have come out of this experience stronger as well, I just pray I keep that strength locked up somewhere inside and won't need it again for a long time!!


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