Celebrating Chicana Art on Mamiverse

photo courtesy of Rio Yañez
I've had a deep passion and love for all things Chicano Art ever since I entered college way back in 1990. Yes, I graduated high school, took a month off and then started college during the summer. I was nothing if not dedicated, much to my mother's satisfaction.

I was exposed to Chicano Art and activism and the seed was planted in my heart. I grew to understand that art is not just to feast your eyes upon. It can (and should) also stir your heart, make you think differently and inspire you.

This is exactly what Chicana artist Yolanda Lopez's art did for me when I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 22 year old woman living and learning in East L.A. I had the chance to meet her in 2009, which you can read about here.

But please head over to Mamiverse and check out my latest post, Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Artist Yolanda Lopez. Such a lovely memory and it felt amazing to share with everyone again.

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