Talking about #Latinas on HuffPost Live today

I'm blogging about Disney Junior's first so-called Latina Princess, Princess Sofia, today at BabyCenter. Please go and check it out and leave me a comment if you can.

Also, I took part in a HuffPost Live conversation about this topic earlier this morning. It was my first ever HuffPost Live convo and it was totally fun. Trying to get a word in was tricky and it seems like every.single.noise is magnified when you're taking part in a Google Chat hangout.

But woohoo I only had two interruptions by my SIX chil'rens, despite threatening beatings and death by feather tickling to everyone in my house if they interrupted me in my office for at least thirty minutes.

I totes want to do it again. And this time, with my laptop elevated to the heavens because hellooo double chin for the win. 

Here is the conversation, if you're so inclined.


  1. I loved this and had fun voicing my opinion in the chat!

  2. I had a friend on twitter sound off on it sometime last week, but she is black. It was interesting to hear about this through the eyes of those who identify themselves with Latino/Latina. So even within a small representation of the community, there is still lots of diversity in thought was well. Got pretty heated there about mid-way through!

    And I totally know why you brought Mulan into the conversational mix because she is Chinese, so that must mean the Asian community at least has someone, but as a member of the Asian community (Japanese), I don't relate to her at all... but like YOU said, you would rather your girls aspire to live their lives by positive real-life role models, not a Disney one.


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