Day of the Dead: Sugar Skull Makeup for Kids

Dia de los Muertos is upon us!

Bring on the dancing calacas.
Can you feel the Danza drumbeat in synch with your heartbeat?
The smell of sage and copal making the air misty and white.
Your hair rustling in the cool Fall air.
Candlelight, altars, pan de muertos and marigolds.

The chil'rens have grown to love this holiday as much as I do--and I mean, really they have no choice! In our house, the entire month of October is saturated with all things Day of the Dead. They see the flutter of creative energy happening, and they want to be involved.

Tomorrow, my family will head over to downtown Riverside and partake in Riverside's 9th annual Dia de los Muertos event. But first, we must paint our face!

If your kids are anything like mine, then hello mama, of course they want to get their face painted! Yes, they can color and cut out this free DIY Sugar Skull Printable that I created for Mamiverse, but on November 2nd, they want the real deal. So, I am planning on a major face painted sesh tomorrow before we head downtown so I am fortifying myself with Starbucks and leftover Halloween candy. I am soooo thankful my kids hate Mounds!

First, go to Michael's and buy some Tulip Body Art paint (don't forget your 40% off coupon!). I use a combination of Tulip Body Art, grease paint (the regular old kind you can find during Halloween) and inexpensive e.l.f makeup and brushes. I mean, if I mess up an eye shadow palette, I'm not going to cry since I only spent a $1 on it,  you know?

Please check out my video (my first one on YouTube--inorite??) where I paint my lovely daughter Maya's face in a simple sugar skull. I got some help from BoifromIpanema on this one, guys, since he is the face painting master and all.

Xixi had to get in on the action, too!

Enjoy and please give me some love, friends!

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  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Muy bonita! I'm so excited to share this magical time with my 7-yr old daughter and her Spanish Immersion school for All Souls Day! The mystery , glamour, history and wearing their unusual art on their faces and in their hair. What fun! Thank you for the incredibly informative video and instructions.


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