Dia de los Muertos 2012 Wrap-Up

Where did half of November go? 

I've been so consumed with family, travel, homeschool and life that I've seriously been lagging in the blog department. Ten lashings with a wet noodle is in order. The holidays and all of its crafts and projects are ramping up, but I wanted to put a vigorous point of closure on all of the lovely Dia de los Muertos events this year.

The first event was Dia de los Muertos at the historical Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was huge. Ginormous. Amazing. So much to take in and see!

Photo by MayaintheMoment
Photo by BoifromIpanema
Me and the fabulous Boifromipanema.
The aguas frescas were the bomb dot com. Especially the lemonade/limon/pepino agua. I need an IV of that good stuff. STAT.
Hanging out with the talented AZ artist, Patrick Murillo.
Loved this little guy just hanging out.
The lovely La Marisoul, frontwoman for La Santa Cecilia, beautiful and haunting as always.
Serving face.
Amazing giant calaca sculptures.
Frida and Diego altar.
My brother and sister looking amazing, as usual.

Here are a few videos that capture the spirit of this event. First, the Aztec dancers in the afternoon:

And then later on in the evening, La Marisoul and La Santa Cecilia on the main stage:

You can check out some amazing photos at L.A Weekly, for next year's inspiration!

And then a week later we celebrated Dia de los Muertos with the entire family in downtown Riverside. It was crazy packed but I loved the fact that there were so many families present--all the little ones getting a taste of Mexican culture. Love.

Painting my face, with Frida over my shoulder for inspiration.
So fun! Used Tulip Body Art to create this.
The streets were filled with people in the Day of the Dead spirit.
My little ladies with el catrin y la catrina.

Love the candlelight.
Giant papier mache mask.
Jeshua's makeup was amazing!

He also painted her makeup as well. Look at the detail on the neck!

My brother-in-law and his honey looking fierce.



This Lego was getting down.

My last minute DIY project: lace sugar skull tee!
My beautiful sister.
Their costume made this amazing jiggling sound.
Miss Midgey and her sugar skull lollipop.

Division 9 Gallery's Artsicle Artruck

I don't want this season to end.
If you are in Southern California next year and decide to attend either one of these events, my advice to you would be: GET THERE EARLY. Traffic and parking was a nightmare. Expected, but a nightmare nonetheless.

It's been amazing, friends. And now, on to the holidays!

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