Stenciled Burlap Luminarias #MarthaHolidayPaint

Every year I make my mother a Christmas gift. The story goes, she's the hardest woman in the world to shop for. Not because she is too picky, but because if she wants something, she just goes out and gets it. Lately, my mind has been percolating--what am I going to make for mom this year? Well, I think the lovely people from Plaid and Martha Stewart Paints have solved my problems. They sent me a fantastically large box of craft goodies that made me squeal every time I pulled something out.

No way!
Yesssssss (said like Napoleon Dynamite).

Adhesive stencils, brushes, multi-surface paints, daubers, glass etching cream, glitter paint, Crystal Ice effect, glass paint and liquid gilding--all this good stuff was in the box! I know, right? I have enough goodies to make a ton of awesomeness over the holidays. I'm pretty happy about that.

Back to my gift idea...one thing I admire most about my mama is her faith, so I usually make her something inspirational. She hangs my paintings and framed signs throughout her house, and every year they make their seasonal appearance. They are like old friends--I'm always happy to see them. This year, I thought I'd make something a little different and create burlap-wrapped candleholders, or Stenciled Burlap Luminarias.

Here is what you'll need:

I wanted to continue the inspirational trend and spell out the word peace on the luminarias. I mean, seriously, who couldn't use some peace during the hectic holidays?

I used Martha Stewart's Adhesive stencils and they were uh-mazing. So easy to just peel off and stick on the surface of your choice. Since I was using burlap, my stencil got a little furry but no biggie, it was easy to pull off the little threads.

What I did was eyeball a square piece of burlap and wrapped it around the half-pint jar (don't forget to remove the lid). You don't want the burlap to be too big and bulky, just enough to cover the jar. Once you find the size you like, cut out however many pieces you'll need. Position it on your jar and then secure it with a piece of sisal twine.

Now it's time to paint! I found it easier to position the stencil on the jar, rather than laying the burlap flat on a surface. It's less work this way and little to no paint bleeds through.

Press the stencil down to make sure the paint doesn't bleed.

Gently dab Martha Stewart Multi-Purpose Satin Paint.  I used Beetle Black. I also used the smallest brush in the set.

Continue with the rest of the letters on each burlap-wrapped jar.

I went back and stenciled each letter twice because I wanted to make them a bit darker. The stencils held up great. Once they were finished, the luminarias still needed some pizzazz. I knew just the thing--snowflakes! A white Christmas is unheard of here in sunny So Cal, but it's nice to pretend. I made small snowflake tags to hang on the sisal twine.

The non-adhesive stencils work just as great.
I used both sizes.
I had quite a few small treasures called milagros from Sueños Latin American Imports, which I thought would go perf on the snowflake tags, to give it some Latino sabor.

I mean, who wouldn't want a random hand on their snowflake tag--come on now.

Once you are ready to display your luminarias, put a tealight candle down inside the jar. Be careful with the loose fibers of the burlap when you are lighting your candles. Trim away any unraveled string, if need be. A reader gave me a fabulous tip--use LED electric tealight candles such as these from Lowe's instead, to decrease the fire hazard! Why didn't I think of that, people?

I'm really pleased with the way my luminarias turned out. I think my Mom is going to love them, don't you?

Disclosure: I received product and payment via The Blueprint Social (www.theblueprintsocial.com) for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I was wondering what you were cooking up with your Martha Stewart goodness! I LOVE this project. It's so simple with the adhesive stencils! This looks great and I am sure your mom will love it! I know what you mean about tough to buy for!! My sister is the same way. The only way to go for someone like that is classy handmade!

  2. These are so cute! Stenciling on burlap is a great idea!

  3. What a great gift! I'm sure your mom is going to love them! And I bet the candles make the burlap really glow in the evening.
    Oh - to minimize the fire hazard, you could always substitute those battery-operated "flameless tealights" :)

  4. These are really gorgeous. I especially love the burlap tags!


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