Ornament Garland inspired by Lowe's Creative Ideas

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to visit Miami, Florida to experience the launch of Lowe's Ideas Creativas Facebook page en Espanol. I got to meet several other amazing Latina blogueras, as well as Evette Rios, who is affectionately known as the Latina Martha Stewart. We were in such good hands and we had an amazing time working on holiday crafts, munching on Cuban goodies and competing in a whirlwind holiday challenge, where we had one hour and $100 to come up with a holiday craft from anything in the store. It was a such a fun trip and although I've never been that far away from my family before, I came back with a head filled with crafty ideas.

I spy my blogging amigas (clockwise): Kathy the Crafty Chica, Cristy from Los Tweens, Ruby from Growing up Blackxican, yours truly, Yolanda from Sassymamainla and Leanette from Teach Me 2 Save

There are tons of ideas to inspire your holiday decorating on the Lowe's Ideas Creativas Facebook page. Go check it out! I don't speak Spanish, but I have to say that crafting, home improvement and the do-it-yourself attitude is a universal language.

I'm home now and my Christmas decorations are finally up and I have to say, I'm quite satisfied with myself. My home feels cozy and the lights are twinkling. I just had one teesy-weensy problema. It seems that every year I go a little crazy with the after Christmas sales.

50% off! 70% off! 80% off!

Deals like that are a little too hard for a bargain shopper to pass up. When I crack open my Christmas bins, I'm always a little shocked at all the stuff I bought the year before and forgot about.

Sound familiar?

This year, I found oodles of ornaments--enough to decorate at least two more trees. Like seriously, what am I going to do with all of these ornaments, I asked myself. It took me a few days to come up with an idea to utilize all of those leftover bulbs before I either donated them to Goodwill or gave them away. I knew just what to do with them, thanks to Lowe's.

You'll only need two things for this DIY holiday project. Yup, that's it! First, I went out and bought some jute twine. Can I express how much I love my jute twine? You can hang photos, wrap presents, finish off a shabby chic decoration--it's so versatile. My jute twine completes me, ya'll. 

Next, gather up your ornaments. Vary the size, colors, shapes and finishes because it looks better that way.

You can find the jute twine at Lowe's, too.

First thing, I measured the window I planned to hang it on, making sure I had enough room on either end to tie a loop so I could hang it around the curtain rod. Then I got down to threading the bulbs onto the jute. If the end of your jute twine becomes frayed like mine did,  just wrap a small piece of tape on the end of your jute, to create a makeshift shoelace tip. It'll be much easier to slide your ornaments onto the string after that.

There is no rhyme or reason to stringing the bulbs, just vary your colors and shapes. Prepare to be dusted in a fine glitter from the ornaments. You might experience an ornament casualty or two when they accidentally fall to the ground, like mine did. Whether you pile on the ornaments or you give them some breathing room, it's totally up to you. Whatever looks good!

When you're all done, it should look something like this.

Yes, I have sugar skulls on my Christmas tree.

If I didn't think my kids would smash it to bits, I'd put one over my front door.
One of my favorite ornaments from allen + roth, gifted to me by Lowe's.
Make sure you go and Like Lowe's Ideas Creativas Facebook page. Get to decorating, friends!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However, I did receive travel and lodging for this trip, but the ideas and sentiments are completely my own.

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  1. This is truly a wonderful and clever tutorial. :) Great job!


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