Just Dance 4: Shake your groove thing #JD4Gold


I am a huge fan of all the Just Dance games. Like every mom I know, I struggle with the amount of time my kids spend playing video games. The rule of thumb is, mama is not very fond of shooting/war/killing/blowing up/destructive games. Yes, even if they are animals, aliens or zombies. My boys have tried to get through that loophole on occasion. Basically, if they spill blood--even green alien blood--they know mom isn't on board.

But I totes love the games where they are up and moving--jumping, running in place--even busting out their best Britney Spears and Michael Jackson moves. Mom is all about those types of games. We've really turned it into a competition, too. With all the time we spend with family, we love to get the party started by having dance battles.

The chil'rens, of course, are horrified that "old people" like myself are still willing to get up and shake their groove thang. I mean, really, kids? Where exactly do you think you inherited the ability to shake your groove thing? It's all right here, boo.


So it is perfect timing that Just Dance 4 is today's Amazon.com Gold Box Deal of the Day. Think about all the epic dance battles you can have, like the one in this trailer:

I can see it now, me getting my JLo and Pitbull on with "On the Floor". My boys will dig anything by Skrillex and I know my girls will swoon over Selena Gomez and "I Love You Like a Love Song". You can even get Rick Roll'd with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" because who doesn't fondly remember the red-headed spam kiss of death?

Get yours today:  Click here for Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day.


I'm seriously looking forward to this game. Kids, mount up. Parents, get your sweatband, yoga pants and oxygen tanks ready.

Let the dance battle commence.

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  1. we love love this game. I wanna buy number four


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