Frida Kahlo TOMS & a FREE Printable!

New Year, new projects. I recently spoke to a fellow who really really wanted me to paint his girlfriend a pair of TOMS with Frida Kahlo on them. She really wants Las Dos Fridas on the top of them, he said. Can you do it?

All I could think of was, shoes with Las Dos Fridas painted on them? WANT. NEED.

Someday I'll paint that masterpiece! Instead, we settled on a slightly different concept.

Frida Kahlo stencil

When you Google "Frida stencil", a ton of options come up. Some good, some not so good. If you want to make something for yourself, then by all means take inspiration from a design that catches your eye. But if you want to make something to sell, you can't just take an artist's work and reproduce it without their permission. That's a big no-no. This is why I always create my own design. Yes, knowing Photoshop helps, but you could totally accomplish this posterized technique using Picmonkey.
After creating my image, I printed it out and cut it out using a #11 x-acto blade.
The key to creating a sweet stencil is to have quality design and a bottle spray glue, like Aleene's Repositional Spray. It helps hold your stencil in place and ensures clean lines around your design. Just what can you do with a Frida stencil? You can:

  • Make a tote bag.
  • Put it on a scarf to make it extra snazzy.
  • Stencil it onto primered canvas and create your own Frida paintings.
  • Put it on sofa pillows.
  • Hook up an apron.
  • Cut up a funky tee and adorn it with Frida's face.
  • Create a "wallpaper" pattern on an accent wall.
  • Stencil it on wrapping paper or a gift bag for the Frida-lover. 
  • Or you can do what I did....put it on a pair of shoes! Specifically, TOMS shoes.
I have a little something something for you, guys. It's a Frida Kahlo Printable Stencil! Yes. This is what it looks like. The image is 4 x 6 inches, so you can make it bigger or shrink it down, totally up to you.
Isn't she pretty?
This is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Now back to the shoes. Painting shoes is a little tricky because they have curves and dips. You just have to be willing to work with curves and dips. This is real life, people. It won't be absolutely perfect, but the stencil should give you a definite guideline. You can get creative with the rest.

I decided not to paint a defined edge on the background--instead a played around with the turquoise and then gave it a pretty paisley type of pattern. Also, get creative with your color palette. I didn't want to paint it with traditional flesh tones on the skin so I gave Frida purple and pink skin! Also, her hair isn't painted black--it's the unpainted shoe surface. I thought that was a fun twist.

I've waiting to paint Frida on a pair of shoes for a long time. It was so fun! If you are interested in getting a pair for yourself, please check out my Etsy store for all of the important details.


  1. Your Frida Toms rock!! They are awesome!!

  2. this is amazing. Like for real!

  3. Ohhh snap!!! These are gorgeous!!

  4. what paper and paint was used?

    1. Just regular printer paper and Tulip fabric paint.


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