Fangirl Fridays | First Installment

There are so many cool things happening on the interwebs that I just want to sit here and chop it up with you guys about it.

A new song.
A sweet DIY/craft I want to try.
An amazeball pair of shoes that I could never afford, much less stand in.
What about the cool things I pinned on Pinterest? I promise, no mason jars.
Something delicious I want to eat.
A quote that became the wind beneath my wings.
A hilarious tumblr gif.
Someone on Instagram who does the perfect cat eye.

You know, the important things in life.

Insert Fangirl Fridays. What's a fangirl? According to Urban Dictionary:

fangirl noun, verb
/fan/ /gərl/

1. A fan of something (female) who is obsessed with the said subject to a certain degree (normally unhealthy).
2. A general term for a female fan of something.

Here we go:

kelleybakerbrows on Instagram gives me life with all of her eyebrow pics because she does thick eyebrows justice. No, we don't want caterpillars on our faces, thankyouverymuch. Kelley Baker creates such lovely eyebrow shapes and keeps them full and natural, which I love.

 Am I the only one who positively froths at the mouth whenever you see/hear/read about a delicious cocktail? After checking out A Beautiful Mess and their scrumptious-sounding Wasabi Bloody Mary, I was ready to run out and buy all the ingredients. Betcha it would taste just as delightful without the vodka.

If I was tall, rich, thin and possessed legs that didn't resemble tree trunks, I would most definitely be scooping up all of the ponchos from the Riders on the Storm collection from Free People. I mean, first of all...loving The Doors reference. Second, I die for all of those groovy ponchos, fringed boho bags, fedoras and necklaces. Love!

I've been fangirling Our City Lights for a while now. I mean, Diana's kitchen is pink for heaven's sake. And it's decorated with Hello Kitty--I can't ask for more. Diana's blog is so fresh and so clean and her images are just so perf that I keep coming back for more.

I have this thing for hearts. Don't know what it is but I love the shape and I, of course, love what they stand for. I always seem to find myself gravitating to hearts on stuff. I am so going to have to try this cute tutorial called DIY Heart Print Jeans by My Little Secrets. I certainly have a pair a jeans I can choose from in my vast collection of jeans that I never seem to wear.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Fangirl Friday! That was fun. If you have any cool links you'd like me to check out, leave me a comment. I'm always on the lookout for something to fangirl over.


  1. Great picks! I am a fan of hearts as well.

    1. Something about them...yay, Valentine's is coming soon, too!

  2. I'm gonna fangirl you now!
    Those brows....love!

    1. I've BEEN fangirling you, boo. :)

  3. I love your fangirl friday debut if this is the first i cant image what other awesomeness you share!!!! Can we all email my husband the pictures of the HK kitchen lol I mean can a girl dream gahhhhhh i want! and those printed jeans are too cool! thanks so much for sharing your finds!


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