Fangirl Fridays | Disneyland Edition

Okay, okay. So I'm a little late with Fangirl Friday.

My bad.

What happened was...I was at Disneyland yesterday. And today I was recuperating from walking around the park for over twelve hours, since I am obviously a 70 year old granny.

It's been a while since I've been to the Happiest Place on Earth. Being an annual passholder is definitely a luxury, one that we haven't been able to afford for a few years now. Still, I have so many fond memories of the chil'rens and Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, I was excited to be back.

I got a sneak peek of Disney's upcoming Fantasy Faire, a magical place for storytelling in the Royal Theater and meeting your favorite Disney princesses, which debuts on March 12 (more posts to come). Afterwards, I got to spend the day with the younger half of my kid crew. Experiencing Disneyland once again made me realize why they are so successful and beloved the world over--they really know how to conjure up a sense of enchantment.

What a perfect place to do a Fangirl Friday, right?

I love to see little children dressed up as their favorite Disney character--especially when they luck out and get to meet them in real life. They whip out their autograph book and take pictures, it's so cute. 

Alladin is one of my favorite Disney films (the Genie is my all-time fave, too). Imagine our excitement to see both Alladin and Princess Jasmine strolling down Adventureland.

Princess Jasmine is the best princess, according to my little ladies. Not only because she is kind, she is very strong, she stands up for others, she has a cool pet tiger named Raja, she has brown skin like they do and she has the best hair.She was so sweet to them, too. They were so impressed!

When you walk into New Orleans square and you step into the Pirates of the Caribbean, just the smell of the water conjures up so many family trips that we've taken here over the years, ever since I was a little girl. I remember taking my little brother there when he was just two years old (he's 22 now!). I took Xixi when she was three and she cried into my sweater when she saw Captain Barbosa warning us in a haze of smoke, "Dead men tell no tales."

When you are on the boat, you truly feel like as if you've been transported to another time and place.

This is classic Disneyland.

This was my first time seeing an Alladin show at the Hyperion Theater. Back when we had our annual passes in 2008, we always seemed to miss it. I'm so glad we finally got to see it.

The kids were mesmerized by all of the singing and dancing, and the amazing props. And the Genie was so funny!

It was also a typical sunny Southern California day yesterday, too. It was nice to duck out of the bright sunshine and feel like you're in the streets of Agrabah.

This is the closest we've gotten to seeing a stage production of any kind, and it really gave me the itch to see more like it.

 Ultimate Space Mountain memory: I was around five or six years old and Space Mountain was brand new. My parents coaxed me into the line but once we got far enough to get inside the space center (which took us hours--brand new ride, crazy lines), I was not happy to hear all of those scary sounds and screams.

"I don't want to get on this ride!" I kept crying over and over. My father was not very happy with me. Being a parent myself, I totally get how he must have been feeling.

Right before boarding, I threw a diva fit and my Dad couldn't take it anymore--we ducked out of the nearest exit. He was pissed for the rest of the day at me.

Oh, the great roasted turkey leg.

I am a fan.

If you luck out and get one that's been nicely toasted...mmmm, chile. I am always amazed when I see people walking around the park with a turkey leg in their possession all nonchalantly.

I need to stop and focus all of my concentration on the turkey leg at hand.

I wrote about the turkey leg a few years back and I just reread it and I was dying laughing. Check it out here. Five years later and it's still relevant. If you've never experienced a Disneyland turkey leg, go get you some. Stat.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror is one of those rides where I dread getting on but once it's over, I love it. I discovered something--tightening up just makes the ride worse. Letting go and enjoying the ups and downs make the ride so much more fun!

If that ain't a metaphor for life, I don't know what is.

My daughter Maya had a mini-tantrum because she was scared (must be hereditary). I wasn't having it though. Oh, you will get on this ride. Buck up, little girl.

I won't be winning any parenting awards anytime soon. In the end, she admitted it was fun. And the photos were hilarious.

Early evening is known as the "witching hour" across Disneyland.

Babies are tired of their strollers and kids are grumpy because they are in the Happiest Place on Earth and they're starting to believe the world really does revolve around them. You can see it on the parent's faces, too.

This is when margaritas at DCA become a mandatory event. They're cold, frosty and strong. Strong enough to keep me from stomping a mud hole in my child's backside for trying to eat all of my sourdough bread bowl.

Thank you, Walt. My children also thank you because they live to see another day.

This was my first time visiting Cars Land and wow, what a sight it was.


And it wasn't just the margarita talking. The amount of detail put into the landscape of Cars Land is ridiculous. Talk about a fully realized concept.

Radiator Springs racers was so awesome! I especially loved the body shop with War's "Lowrider" playing in the background and Cheech Marin's voice murmuring, que linda! Being "sprayed" with the paint guns was a nice touch, too.

I'm stoked we finally got to experience Cars Land--can't wait to go back!

Yes, my kids drove me crazy but ultimately, it's the happy look on their faces that makes me want to experience these trips with them.

These are memories they'll hold onto. I mean, these are the best moments of childhood. They are young, full of energy, no cares or worries in the world and they had 100% of my full attention for the entire day.

I got lots of spontaneous hugs and kisses and "I love you" yesterday.  

Thanks Disneyland, this is why I'll always fangirl you.

Disclosure: I received media passes to visit both Disneyland parks. No compensation was received. All opinions, photos and fun memories are 100% my own.

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