Fangirl Fridays

As promised, another round up of my fangirl moments around the web. But I guess I might as well call it Fangirl Saturdays because when Friday rolls around I'm still knee deep in homeschool stuff, trying to finish our week so we can at least enjoy a couple days off.

But Fangirl Saturdays doesn't have the same ring to it so we'll just keep it rolling, you dig?

You guys know how I feel about cholas. See Fangirl Fridays 2. That said, I fell in love with this painting, titled La Jefita, by the artist Leanne ElRod Rodriguez.

It encapsulates what a chola is.  Her attitude and her steez. I love it.

Of course, Hella Breezy bought it (again, see Fangirl Fridays 2).

ElRod is now selling prints of  "Suavecito", according to her Instagram. I want one.

I've been loving the blog Sweet Life and the scrumptious sounding recipes for a hot minute now. But can I really share why I fangirl Texas girl Vianney and her blog?

Her photos.

Her photos make me want to consume everything she posts, but I really want to swoon into the colors of the food, her arranging of the photos, the lighting. Sigh.


I'm inspired and I hope I can take photos for my blog like this one day.

Ok, so I'm going to share one of my vices.

I'm not proud.

But I can't get enough of Willam's Beatdown on YouTube.

"I'm gonna teach you how to be better, through the faults of others. You're not doing that right....you're not doing that right..."

All I know is, I can't watch Willam Belli's videos while I'm drinking any type of liquid or else it'll get spewed across my laptop. And that's never a good thing. Willam watches videos that get a lot of views and subscribers on youtube and he opens the library. I die laughing every single week.

Thanks, Willam. Even though you have boy parts, my legs will never look as good as yours. This is why I fangirl you, boo.

K, thanks. Bye.

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  1. Hella Breezy just buys up all ElRod's stuff >: My Suavecito should be arriving today - I can't wait EEK! I hope you get one!


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