Hearts + Family = Love | Painted Heart Walkway

Valentine's Day is almost over. Boo.

The back story...I found this charming photo on Pinterest that came from the amazing Petit Hotel Hafa in Nayarit, Mexico. I fell in love with that walkway. The turquoise. The hearts. It inspired me to create our own heart walkway in our front porch.

Sort of like a sweet welcome to those who walk up to our front door.

I didn't want to share it last year because it still had that freshly painted look. The kind that makes you not want to step on it. After being walked over by six kids (and our seventh, who we finally got to see over the holidays! Yay), it got the lovely patina I wanted.

Now it's perfect.

It was simple enough. We used a piece of saltillo tile we had laying around to use as a template. We drew eight squares--seven single hearts to represent our kids and one square for both my husband and I to share. Then I traced a heart in each square with white chalk. After grabbing a few jars of color samples from Lowe's, we got to painting our hearts.

I made each child paint their own heart. We all took turns painting Mikey's heart. We made sure we finished before Michael got home from work, to surprise him.

It's an awesome reminder of how much love we've got in our home.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. ♥


  1. Oh cute! Instead of diving into a renovation project and spending on the masonry, you've come up with an easy way to spruce up the walkway, and with everyone's participation and enjoyment! :)


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