Valentine's Day DIY: Yarn Heart tee

Every time Valentine's Day rolls around, I like to make something cute for my little ladies to wear. I ran to Target and perused the aisles but nothing really caught my eye, so I decided to make my own heart tee for my daughters to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Before I go out and spend a bunch of money (that I don't have) on a new project, I always like to utilize what I have on hand. I don't crochet but I have the biggest case of crochet envy you've ever seen...hence the pretty, soft gray yarn I had in my supply closet. Think outside the box and how you can use something in a different way.

I usually start all of my projects with a question: I wonder what would happen if I do this...

And then I just go on a craft binge and two hours later, I've made something. It's called getting your creative mojo on. Try it sometime. You'll be amazed at what you come up with.

For this project, I decided to create a few cool patterns with yarn, in the shape of a heart. That's it. No rocket science here. But it came out so pretty and if you're a tactile person like I am, then you'll love the way it feels under your fingertips.

I don't like to share my scissors. I'm greedy like that. I hide these little darlings by Fiskars deep in my art bin, so none of the kids can find it. Go out and buy yourself some Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane glue. It dries clear, it's for multi-surface usage and it doesn't smell!

I slipped a small piece of cardboard inside my cotton tee, just in case the glue bled through the fabric (it didn't). Still, it gives you a firm surface to work on.

Vary your shapes and patterns--make swirls and circles. A heart within a heart would look cool too. Sometimes I used one long continuous pieces of yarn, in other areas I cut various lengths, depending upon the shape. Make it interesting! You'll end up with something that looks like this.
Almost looks like a really cool rug, doesn't it?
Make sure the yarn is laying nice and flat. Use your scissors to cut off any wonky pieces. Add extra glue as needed. Let glue cure at least 24 hours. Dry flat.

How cute is this tee?

Maya rocked her yarn heart tee at Disneylandia last week!


  1. So cute!! I saw your post on Blog by Latinas :) Thanks for sharing! I pinned it to a craft board group on Pinterest.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    What do you recommend for washing/drying instructions?

    1. Definitely hand wash or delicate cycle. And hang dry! The glue I used is supposed ot be a permanent bond, but I wouldn't go crazy and toss it in the dryer. :-)


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