Just in time for Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Bloody Mary #staxquerico

Getting some love from Nicole.

This week I had the chance to venture into East L.A to hang out with some pretty awesome bloggers such as Erika from Nibbles and Feasts, Ruby from Growing up Blackxican, Yolanda from SassymamainLA, Rachel from The Art Muse, Monique from Curves and Chaos and Stephen from LatinoFoodie to name a few.

What was the occasion?

To visit Nicole from Presley's Pantry and enjoy yummy dishes inspired by Frito-Lay's #StaxQueRico flavors: Chile Limon, Flamas, Limon, and Adobadas.

My kids are addicted to these chips. If it has salt, limon and chile on it, we are obsessed.

Even though I had to teach an art class that morning, I knew I had to go! I didn't want to miss all the fun--and all the goodies. There was quite a spread: spicy avocado salsa, pork adobada, strawberry mango salsa, hot dogs topped with Stax Adobada chips, chile verde, sangria, bacon bean dip, ceviche and my absolute fave--chicharron-coated chicken bites with adobada dipping sauce by Ruby. So sinfully good!

I had no idea what I was going to make at first--I mean, what can you do to improve on something as yummy as chips and dip? Then it hit me, last week when we were in Ensenada, Mexico on the Crafty Chica cruise, we all walked off the boat for a life-changing cocktail--a Mexican Bloody Mary.

It was so good. Even after a day of exploring the city and eating a large amount of fish tacos (and shrimp cocktail. And churros. And coconut with chile and lime. And...), that Mexican Bloody Mary went down smooth.

We watched the bartender intently...so I can only relay the recipe the way I saw it being made for me. I know, I'm terrible when it comes to recipes, but this is why I'm not a food blogger, people! Heh.

Inspired by the Chile Limon flavored Stax chips, I tried to recreate that Mexican Bloody Mary because it's packed with that delicious chile limon flavor!

If you like to make yourself cocktails, then you know it's always a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you tailor it to your liking. This recipe is similar to a Michelada, but for those who don't drink beer, you can add vodka. It's also equally delicious without any alcohol! I know because my kids have been drinking it all week long.

It's important to have lots of freshly squeezed limes for this drink. And Tajin! Do not forget the Tajin--it's what makes this cocktail. You can sprinkle some in the drink like I did, and you also use it as a garnish around the rim, just like a margarita.


Spicy and delicious!
There you have it, a delicious drink you can enjoy on Cinco de Mayo or any other day, in my book. It's that tasty!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event by Latina Bloggers Connect. I was compensated and given a goodie bag. As always, this is my honest opinion.

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