Thanksgiving DIY: Easy succulent pumpkin planters

Confession time. After every Dia de los Muertos season, I need to recuperate. This means I'm burned out and I'm just not in a crafting mood and I'm waiting on Thanksgiving. That's right. I'm just chillin' like a villain, waiting for turkey and stuffing like the fat girl I am.

But what about all of those gourds and pumpkins on sale at the grocery store? I almost feel bad for them--they only have two months out of the year to shine! They're so interesting to look at, with so many color variations and textures. I picked up a few of them just because.

Then I got the November 2013 issue of Sunset Magazine (one of my favorites) and saw this "Gorgeous Gourds" spread and I knew I wanted to try it with all of my end-of-season pumpkins.

I have lots of potted succulents because to be honest, that is the only plant I can't kill. I asked my husband to do the dirty work of cutting the tops of the pumpkins off and scraping out the insides. All I did was fill the inside of the hollowed out pumpkins with potting soil and I replanted some of my succulent cactus.

That's it. 

These succulent planters would look great as part of your Thanksgiving tablescape. I placed mine in my front porch and they look so cute.

Once Thanksgiving is over, all you have to do is wait and let nature do its thing. When the pumpkins start getting funky, replant your succulents and toss out the pumpkin. Better yet, compost it.

Now no one can say I didn't "decorate" for Thanksgiving. Loving these natural planters.

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