Hopeless Romantic: Glitter Heart TOMS shoes

I don't care if Valentine's day is next week, I think it's sweet to rock hearts all year long. It's one of my favorite motifs to decorate with. Paper mache crafts, clothes, shoes, a painted walkway, scarves--I'll put hearts on all of it. In fact, I did.

I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic.

For the season of love, I had the pleasure of painting an adorable pair of pink TOMS shoes for a sweet little girl whose mommy is the creator of De Su Mama, a blog about raising multi-cultural children and building a legacy of love.

Since they were going to be for a little person, I wanted the design to be simple and clean. Hearts, of course. But I also wanted them to be sparkly! But not sparkly enough for sparkles to be trailing everywhere, which sometimes happens when you use glitter.

I'm what you might call a "conservative glitter person". This means I enjoy glitter but that mess has got to be contained. This is why I love love love craft paint with glitter in it. It will give you the shimmer and sparkle of glitter, but not the mess. Personally, I love Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Coarse Glitter paint in Sugar Cube.

I've come to the realization that I have a thing for iridescent glitter. It has all of these pretty flecks of green, blue, red--all of the colors in the spectrum, really.

It's my jam. Basically.

This is a totally easy way to make a pair of TOMS extra fancy.  Pink TOMS, with glitter hearts--you don't get any more fancy than that.

What you'll need:
  • white watercolor pencil
  • paintbrush
  • white paint (I used a multi-surface paint)
  • black paint (same as above)
  • glitter craft paint (I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Coarse Glitter paint in Sugar Cube)
  • pair of TOMS shoes

Tape the sides and soles of the shoes with painter's tape so you don't get paint on them. I didn't because I'm a professional. Heh.
You can use a watered down version of your white paint to prime your surface but be careful that it doesn't bleed on the surface of the shoes.
The light gray was really subtle, just a drop of black in it, really.

That's it! Simple and sweet and oh so perfect for Valentine's Day.

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