11 "Uncommon" summer gift ideas from Uncommon Goods

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Uncommon Goods. All thoughts are my own.

I love giving and receiving unique gifts. The only problem is, I rarely get them.

Don't get me wrong--I love practical gifts (and yes, I appreciate them, mother). Lord knows I'm the queen of giving practical gifts. But if I'm on the receiving end...something different -- uncommon, if you will -- sounds just right. So I usually just buy what I want for myself. Just cut out the middle man and get what you want. Amirite?

I was recently introduced to Uncommon Goods, a Brooklyn-based company that offers up cool and unique gifts for people with their eye out for something that makes a statement, like myself. Uncommon Goods has a good mix of fun stuff -- I wasn't disappointed! Here eleven fun ideas for summer that totally caught my eye:
1. ceramic fish bones 2. embroidered bird pouch 3. cheese & crackers serving board 4. gilded amethyst paperweight 5. fern frond earrings 6. watermelon serving bowl 7. succulent living wall planter kit 8. bloom box 9. personalized mixed tape pillow 10. flavor infuser water bottle 11. handmade lidded basket hamper

As I browsed around the site, several things caught my eye but I narrowed it down to eleven. I want that. Oooh, I want that, too. A few random thoughts:

Okay, first of all -- who wouldn't want a white fish bone wind chime? That would look so cool dangling in my front porch.

I think it's so hipster to serve cheese on an Ampersand wood block. I want--and I'm not even a hipster!

The gilded amethyst paperweight? It's kind of amazing. I love that it incorporates two things that I love for their tacky goodness -- birthstones and gold leaf. Pretty much everything a girl needs. Amethyst actually happens to be my birthstone, too!

I adore the fern frond earrings! So feminine. I crave jewelry that looks handmade, but has a tough edge -- these fit the bill. My birthday isn't for a few months, but this would be a great gift to myself. Heh.

The succulent wall planter kit is everything. Also, I can't kill succulents.

Must.have.this.water.infuser. I can see it now--mint, cucumber, strawberries, lemon, basil! I will be the most hydrated person in the world.

Dip dye basket....hmmmm, I smell a diy coming soon.

For more gift ideas go here and I can guarantee you will find something fab. I think the earrings and the water diffuser are coming home with me soon!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Uncommon Goods. All thoughts are my own.


  1. I LOVE Uncommon Goods! I used to buy presents from there all the time. That cassette tape pillow is too cute.

    1. I bought a few things--love it!


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